Create eLearning


O2 Digital Media incorporates benchmark development processes and emphasizes the importance of client feedback in every phase.

O2 Digital Media uses proven process developed for software developers, instructional designers, and product managers. You will find variations on this theme or the use of different terms across industries and the world. Essentially, we follow five simple and easy to use steps.

  • Define Phase: Create a define and design document with associated flowcharts, storyboard, and selected page mockups using Pages or MS Word document.
  • Design Phase:¬†Describe the eLearning graphical user interface (GUI), and course navigation. Course navigation follows the course, topic, page model. Example mockups and several course module images are created.
  • Produce (Develop) Phase:¬†Create eLearning framework using the approved GUI, course navigation, graphic images, interactive and scenario exercises, and knowledge mastery tests.
  • Testing Phase: Make modifications based on User Acceptance Testing.
  • Deploy Phase: Deploy course online or in some cases using a CD.