Video – is it the new print?

iStock by Getty Images recently asked “is video the new print?” Their conclusion, “If you want attention to your brand, product or idea these days, research shows you’ll get more eyes and ears on it with moving images than static ones.”

  • Consider some of the bullets in their infographic:
  • 800% increase in online video consumption over past 6 years
  • The new media consumer: raised entirely by technology
  • The youth are leading the revolution: 18-34 year-olds in 2015: 90% of online video consumption
  • 550% of the internet’s population consumes news through online video
  • 75% of aspiring cooks watch recipe videos online
  • 6.7 million online students watch video lectures online, up9.3% from last year
  • Internet users spend 88% more time on sites with video

One way individuals learn is by Visualizing. The person is actually thinking in images and videos are 30 images per second. The old adage, a picture is worth a 1,000 words is magnified at 30 frames per second.

O2 Digital Media creates or edits thirty and sixty second clips to nail a learning point. Ideally, videos are less than 3 minutes although some clients want longer clips to illustrate several learning points.

We also create short how-to video demonstrations, product or course introductions, and animations. These tutorials are useful not only in courses but also on websites. Raft The Guadalupe River is an example of one of our introductions.

Application developers are increasingly using short, less than three minute introductions and how-to demonstrations to differentiate their application. Authors and publishers are beginning to include short video clips in their rich media eBooks, especially those made for the iPad using Apple’s iBooks Author.

Contact O2 Digital Media to see how we can help you use video in your course or on your website.